rabbit and fox fine art print

In the Underbrush

$ 45 

Shortly after my son was born, I noticed he had fuzzy tips on his ears, so I began affectionately calling him, "my sweet baby fox." Not long after, I created this piece, a fox pup nestled in batches of blooming bunnies and turkey tail mushrooms, safely hidden behind a fallen tree and swirling foliage, dedicated to him. I made this print digitally, using a Wacom tablet and Adobe programs.

12 x 12 inch Giclee print (high quality, archival inkjet print on smooth, hot press watercolor paper, produced by a locally based print shop, and drop shipped directly to you. Upon payment, I will submit the order for the print to be made within 3-5 business days. Once submitted, I'll provide you with a tracking number for the order. Processing time for prints take an additional 5-10 business days (weekdays only) before they are shipped to you. Please visit my Shipping Policies for more information.