Meet the Artist,

Elizabeth Zunino

In my pen and ink drawings and digital work, I seek to highlight the spiritual connection between all living creatures as well as their impermanence. Adorned with strands of flora and foliage stemming from their skin, fur, and feathered ends, animals, plants, and insects are deconstructed and reinvented by new growth. They thrive, but will also provide the backbone for new life forms to sprout, continuing the cycle. Mushrooms and moths frequently appear in my work as reminders of this necessary transition. 

About the Artist

Elizabeth was born and raised in the eucalyptus hills of the East Bay in Northern California. During her childhood, she became friends with the snails and salamanders living under her maple trees, sat on her porch at night to hear the barn owl perched above the street lamp, fell asleep to the crickets and frogs serenading one another on hot summer nights, and watched the vultures hover in circles on her walks home from school. These experiences, along with her many adventures outdoors, inspire all the little details in each of her creations. She lives and works in Oakland, California with her honey bee and sweet baby fox.

About the Artwork

My work is drawn digitally using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, though some of my prints are derived from a series of pen and ink drawings before, originally created with Faber-Castell brush tipped pens on Arches hot press watercolor paper.